10 Tips For Yard Sale Success

So you’re gearing up to do your fall cleaning sometime after Labor Day, and you’ve decided you’ll have a big yard sale to get rid of all the junk you don’t want anymore so you don’t have to look at it sitting around in the garage all winter. And you figure you’ll move some of your wholesale merchandise from Kole Imports while you’re at it. Sounds like an excellent plan. After all, there’s still plenty of warm weather left, and let’s face it, hard core yard salers would brave the most frigid winds, the most torrential downpour, even hurricanes and tornados to get out and find those deals. The postman ain’t got nothing on them.

Now as a lifelong yard sale junkie, or garage sale as we called them back home, following in the footsteps of my parents and their parents before them, I’ve had occasion to observe the right way to hold a yard sale, and also all the right ways to ruin one. A yard sale is fundamentally a temporary, informal retail operation, and most of the same rules apply. If you’re an experienced seller of Kole Imports merchandise, you probably already have the savvy necessary to hold a successful yard sale. If not, and if you’ve not had much experience with yard sales, well it’s really not that difficult to do it right, just a matter of a little common sense, some entrepreneurial drive, and some tried-and-true wisdom gathered by hard experience from seasoned veterans. So as a primer for the new seller, and a refresher for the old hand, here are 10 tips to help you make your yard sale a smashing success.

  • Start getting ready well ahead of the planned date of your sale. A good yard sale takes time to prepare.
  • Get the family and your friends involved too. After all, they probably have a lot of junk they’d like to get rid of, and believe it, the bigger your sale the more attractive to passersby it will be.
  • While you’re at it, get the whole neighborhood involved. Community sales are like blood in the water to sharks to veteran bargain hunters.
  • Check with your city or town officials to see if you need a permit to hold a sale. Also check with the homeowner’s association if you have one. This should probably be tip number one. Nothing worse than getting everything ready just to find out you can’t do it, and possibly even face a fine if you start without checking.
  • Price items as you pull them out, make sure they’re clean, and if it’s broke, toss it.
  • Use all the marketing tools at your disposal, signs, newspaper ads, notices on bulletin boards.
  • Make sure you put your address on your signs, along with the ubiquitous arrow.
  • It’s possible to have a good sale just laying stuff out on blankets, but if you have access to tables, use them.
  • The main yard sale days are Friday and Saturday, with maybe some success on Thursday. A lot of people won’t come out on Sunday.
  • And last but not least, have fun and make some money!


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