2011 New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New YearIt’s time to make your New Year’s Resolutions.  What are you going to do differently this year?  It’s time to make some changes which will improve your personal and business life.  In order to be effective, these resolutions need to be Specific, Measurable and Stated In The Positive.  What does that mean?

Specific:  State exactly what you intend to do. 

Measurable:  Build measurability into the resolution, giving specific numbers of pounds you want to lose or money you want to make. 

Stated In The Positive:  The resolution should say what you will do, not what you are going to stop doing. 

Don’t say “I’ll try to get more exercise.”  Do say “I will exercise an hour a day 5 days each week.”  Don’t say “I’ll make more sales in my store.”  Do say, “I will increase sales in my store by 10% in 2011.”   Don’t say “I will stop eating junk food.”  Do say “Every day I will eat healthy nutritious foods which are good for my body.”

If you are clear in stating to yourself what you intend to do, your mind will go to work making your resolutions come true.  If you resolved to increase sales by 10% and you find your sales flat at the end of February, you’ll know that action is necessary to reach your 10% goal by the end of the year.  If you keep doing what you did last year, you’ll get the same results.  If you are committed to keeping the promise you made to yourself, you’ll find a way to increase your sales.  More impulse items?  More advertising?  Bigger signs in front of your store?  Seasonal items?  Regional sports team merchandise?  Big sales?  Funny gadget items?  If you’re focused on keeping your resolution every day, you will find yourself experimenting with new things every month until you find what sells, and you’ll hit your 10% target. 

The purpose of a New Year’s Resolution is to make your life better by prompting you to keep promises to yourself.  When you make resolutions this year, be serious about them, write them down, and put them somewhere you will see them every day.  Then spend the year having fun trying different approaches to keep your resolutions.  And don’t make weak resolutions.  Really challenge yourself, and you will find that you have a very happy new year in 2011.

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