Kole Import Has Everything You Need for a Great 4th of July

You already know that Kole Imports is your number one source to stock up on the seasonal items you know you’re going to need. You’ve already shopped Kole’s for all your spring cleaning supplies and graduation gifts, and hopefully you’ve got a good start on the must-have wholesale merchandise for your summertime work and play. Now it’s time to focus on the specific holidays, and the numero uno of the season, the 4th of July, is right around the corner. And what do you know, Kole’s has all the essentials to help you have a bang up 4th this year, especially for your cookouts and outdoor fun and games. Kole’s has everything but the fireworks and the food.

Don’t forget to take note of the Category of the Month and the Deal of the Week, prominently displayed in the slideshow at the top of our homepage, for the special bargains that will have you saving even more money on our already low-priced wholesale merchandise. You might even save enough to buy T-bones this year. So to get you started on your 4th of July supply list, here are a few good ideas.

  • Portable Barbecue Grill – Take the party on the road with this compact and practical portable grill. Perfect for taking to the state park, out to the fireworks show, or even to use in your own backyard. Durable steel construction ensures lots of usage, and comes in a handy poly carrying bag.
  • Barbeque Tongs Set – Ever go to pick up a burger or a rib off the grill with a fork or spatula, only to drop it on the ground? The dog may love that, but it kind of puts a damper on the party. Take control with this high-quality 2-piece tong set, just like the pros use, and let Fido eat his dog food.
  • Barbecue Brush & Scraper – A clean grill is the secret to great barbecuing, and you’ll be ready with this durable scraper and brush combo. Has an extra-long handle so you don’t have to get close to the sludge, and the heavy-duty metal bristles are a match for even the worst built-up grime.
  • Jumbo Barbecue Brush Set – Just one more 4th of July grilling essential from Kole’s and you’ll be good to go except for the gas and the grub. Make sure the sauce is evenly distributed and gets in every delicious crevice with this duo of long-handled chef’s brushes. Solid wood handles and both 1” and 2” wide natural brush bristles means you’ll be using these for many summers to come.
  • Portable Folding Chair with Drink Holder – Unless you want to sit in the grass and risk getting infested with chiggers and fleas, you’re going to need some portable chairs to take to the fireworks this 4th of July. At these prices, buy several, you know your friends and extended family members always forget to bring theirs.
  • Lawn Dart Game Set – Remember how much fun playing lawn darts used to be? Well now you and the kids can have all the fun without the potentially lethal consequences with these soft-tipped darts. Includes four darts and two rings.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Bug Zapper – Nothing ruins a 4th of July get together faster than an uninvited swarm of hungry mosquitos. They’ll learn real quick they’d be safer in the neighbor’s yard when they meet up with these compact and effective bug zappers. Use indoors and out wherever there’s a wall socket handy.


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