The Science of Retail Shopping – Three Tips

The Science of Retail Shopping: Three Tips

As a retailer, you probably use tons of resources to get foot traffic through your door. But what do you do once the customers get inside? Chances are, more often than not, you leave it up to luck or chance to move inventory, but did you know that there is actual scientific proof that you can use to your advantage?

Here are three scientifically backed tips to move more merchandise out the door.

  1. You Don’t Get a Second Chance to Make a Great First Impression

How do you put your right foot forward when engaging with a customer that just walked into your shop? Social scientist Amy Cuddy explains that customers are actually not only judging your trustworthiness, but what your intentions are.

To make them feel more at ease in your store, allow the client to speak first and then gather info about her specific interests. Additional research showed that small talk with a customer significantly increases the value in the negotiation.

  1. Think Before You Speak

When it comes to selling, many folks associate a great sales rep with a chatty extrovert. The University of Pennsylvania thwarted this connotation, but it is still very important to speak to the customer in a way that makes him feel comfortable and lets him know that you’re more than happy to be of service to them.

For example, instead of saying, “I don’t know,” try, “That’s a good question and I’d be happy to look into that for you.” If a batty customer is making your day a living nightmare, take a moment before you react and really think about what you are going to say. Some other examples might be:

  • “Let me help you find that” instead of “It’s over there.”
  • “Have you tried…” instead of “Will that be all?”
  • “Let me find the right person who can help you” versus “That’s not in my department”
  1. Body Language Is Just as Important as Your Words

Ninety percent of communication is nonverbal, and yet we put almost no thought into understanding body language properly. Here are a few key tips to take note of:

  • Open your arms. Crossing them seems defensive and will immediately turn the customer off.
  • The best way to connect with a new person is through a simple handshake.
  • Assume a power pose to boost confidence.

If you use science in a smart way, you’ll be able to not only retain more customers, but sell more items as well.


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