5 Ways to Increase Your Online Exposure

5 Ways to Increase Your Online Exposure

Social media enables your business to cast a wide net, reeling in more potential clients than print ads alone. Yet, this myriad of marketing options is a double-edged sword – which options do you invest in, and which choices will land you the most money? No matter what marketing method you ultimately decide on, here are five things that should definitely be on the table to land you increased online exposure.

Get Your N.A.P. on

This abbreviation stands for name, address, and phone number. Without these three bits of critical info, your business will be extremely tough to find on the internet. When you get your website up and running, be sure to include the name of your business, your LLCs, your DBAs, your own name, as well as the contact information for your company. Without an address, your business could appear shady to skeptical, potential clients. Localize your blog or site for every locality you do business in.

Know Your Contenders

Many folks make the mistake of not seeing what they’re up against in terms of the competition. Spend a good amount of time researching your competitors. Browse the pages and listings of other companies in your niche or area. Note their expertise, appearance, and the ease of navigation on their sites. Understanding what your customers are seeing on the competition’s sites can even the playing field when you’re working on your own web presence.

Create Engaging Content

While this might seem obvious, it’s worth reiterating. Engaging content is possibly one of the most valuable items that will boost your brand’s exposure and increase customer awareness. The content should be engaging, informative, showcase your expertise in your field, and give your viewers a takeaway. The more it enriches your audience, the more likely it is that they will share it with their network, giving you free “word of mouth” advertising.

Interaction is Key

In order to build trust as a brand, you’ve got to engage with your network. Ideally, your engaging content ends with an opportunity for user interaction, also known as a “call to action.” This could be a poll, simple question, or simply asking users to share your piece of content.

Go Mobile

More than half of the United States’ 317.2 million residents own smartphones, and of this number, half actively use the web on their devices. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, that’s a potential audience of 79.3 million you’re missing out on.

It’s imperative to know the methods to run an effective marketing campaign to get your company noticed. Include these five tips in your method, and you will not go wrong.

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