10 Fun Promotional Items For Kids

10 Fun Promotional Items For Kids

Keeping your kids occupied in an enriching, educational way is not always easy. However, koleimports.com makes it so, and at unbelievably low prices, too. Check out the following ideas:

Bubbles Set
What kid isn’t fascinated by blowing bubbles and watching them float away? This incredibly simple but timeless two-piece set will provide hours of fun for your children. It is available for as little as $0.65.

Removable Tattoos
These temporary tattoos will let your children express themselves in a fun way. They come in a variety of designs and colors, from orange and black cheer designs, to butterflies and mythical creatures. They are all available for as little as $0.39.

Fake Vomit
Yes, it’s gross, but it’s harmless, and kids love it. It truly is amazing how effective it is, and it can be had for as little as $0.39.

Trick Dagger
Let your kids shock their friends with this trick knife that will make everyone’s heart stop. For as little as $0.59, this retractable plastic dagger will provide endless fun.

Beach Bucket with Attached Shovel
Remember sandboxes? You know you spent hours in them as a child, and some things never change. Now, your children can get to work with this colorful beach bucket and shovel, available for as little as $1.00.

Tennis Racket with Foam Ball
Get your kids’ eye-hand coordination training started early. This lightweight and child-safe racket-and-ball set is fun and will have them on the road to tennis-court glory for as little as $0.85.

Gumball Machine
Let your kids enjoy the whimsy of a gumball in the comfort of their own home. This adorable eight-inch-high machine features a push-release dispenser, and is available for as little as $1.26.

Kids’ Tool Play Set
For the industrial ones in your bunch, how about this five-piece colorful set? It includes a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, pliers and measuring tool, all for as low as $0.75.

Mermaid Fashion Doll with Accessories
For the fashion set, this mermaid doll will offer a great start to a career in styling. For as little as $0.69, your little ones can express their fashion sense in a fun, colorful way.

Flying Gliders
Every child loves making these gliders zoom, and you know you will too. Open up your private airport for as little as $0.65.

With very little money and a little imagination, you can create hours of wholesome fun for your children. Just visit koleimports.com today and think outside the box.

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