Just In: Closeout Items that Make Great Gifts for the Whole Family

We have some exciting new closeout items that make excellent gifts for family and loved ones.  These items are one-time deals, so get them while you can!

Kids can move holograms with their minds with this Star Wars The Force Trainer II: Hologram Experience Set. Trainer features holograms with Jedi challenges, music, sound effects and personal instruction from Master Yoda. The force trainer headset uses advanced dry neural sensor technology to read and interpret brainwaves. The headset detects these waves and translates a digital signal via Bluetooth to tablets, causing the hologram to move based on the level of concentration. Set includes 1 Adjustable Bluetooth Headset, 1 Hologram Training Base, 1 Hologram Base Cover, 1 Science Learning Poster and 1 Instruction Manual. Product is made for iPad and Samsung Galaxy tablets. Set is suitable for ages 8 and up.

Little girls will easily roll into sleepytime with this Twilight Carz Pink Hearts Bedtime Projector featuring a cute little car that projects a magical starry night sky into the ceiling to help ease fear of the dark and make going to sleep fun. Headlights, taillights and heart projection can each be turned on individually. Car has rolling wheels for daytime play and auto shut-off after 45 minutes. Set includes storybook and adoption certificate, and is suitable for all ages.

Easily open bottles of wine in seconds with this 3-piece Urbanity Rabbit Wine Opener Gift Set. The unique lever design fits well in hands and allows you to quickly open bottles with minimal effort so you can relax and enjoy your wine. The high quality brushed nickel design makes this set an attractive and lasting addition to your kitchen decor. Set includes wine opener, foil cutter and corkscrew worm. Set is packaged in a stylish gift box with a magnetic closure.

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