Just In: Exciting New Closeout Party & Costume Items

We just received a large variety of fun party and costume items to boost your festivities.  These items are one-time deals so get them while you can!

Perfect for completing a superhero costume and everyday fun, this Superman Bendable Steel Bar features a realistic plastic steel bar with sound that is activated when you bend it. Bend it and wow your friends and family with your strength.  Bar measures approximately 2′ long. Cell batteries are included. Great for pretend play and accessorizing costumes, this Scarface Tony Montana Inflatable Weapon features an oversized, lightweight blow-up gun with realistic details.  Surprise everyone by coming into the room and saying “Say hello to my little friend!”  Add a unique touch to play battles and accessorizing costumes with this Chaos Chain Toy Weapon featuring a shiny purple spiked cloth ball connected to a black plastic handle with a white plastic chain. Swing it around without hurting anyone – the spiked ball is soft and harmless.

Ideal for parties, this Bone Bender Halloween Party Game features a fun, easy to play game that tangles you into a pretzel. Lay the Bone Bender mat out on the floor and spin the spinner. Once the spinner lands on a spot, both players are directed to place the appropriate body part on one of the open chosen Halloween faces. Game set includes: printed plastic game sheet, game spinner and instruction sheet. Game can be played by 2-4 people. For ages 6 and up.

Great for parties or anytime, this Skull Margarita Glass features a durable transparent plastic margarita glass with a colorful stacked skull stem. Glasses come in assorted colors. Perfect for parties, decorating and gags, this 18-piece Glow in the Dark Snakes Party Favors Set features mini clear plastic snakes with textured scales. Ideal for parties and sports events, this Orange Beaded Party Necklace features a plastic bead necklace connected to a matching novelty megaphone tube.

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