Spinners – Still Hot, and Perfect for Holiday Gifts!

This is a trend unlike anything ever seen in the toy industry, and while the market has now caught up with the demand, there is still a ton of interest in spinners and they make perfect holiday stocking stuffers for kids and adults.

As Money detailed, fidget spinners were “created and marketed as a calming tool used to stay focused.”  For some people, fidget spinners can provide a sense of comfort and peace in stressful situations. They can also provide a way to concentrate during a dull meeting.

Ideal for buying multiple styles, collecting, and trading, there is no wonder this craze is still going strong.  Go to any general merchandise store and you’re sure to see a spinner display and someone excited about this wildly popular toy.  Come the holiday season and these will be spinning off the shelves.

Kole Imports has multiple styles of spinners to make everyone happy and entertained.  From solid colors to fun, trendy prints, we have you covered.

Relieve stress and improve focus with this Emoticon Spin-O-Rama, a perfect relaxation tool for the home or office. Fun design features a three-prong plastic spinner with emoticon prints. Hold the spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly using small, continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely. With practice, spinners can be spun with one hand using the fingers to stop and start spinning. Spinner spins for an average of 90 seconds and up to about 150 seconds. Not intended for children 12 years of age and under. Countertop display comes with 44 pieces in assorted styles.

Our spinners also come in Camouflage Print, USA Design, Neon Colors, Standard Colors and Multi-Color styles.  Countertop displays feature a simple black and white design with clean counter and shelf appeal.  Pick some up and give them a whirl!

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