5 Cheap Auto Accessories To Maintain Your Vehicle

Preventive maintenance is the key to many things in life, including the condition, drivability, and safety of your vehicle. And while there are certain aspects of auto care requiring you to spend good money, there are many accessories that do not involve a lot of cash. Review some of the numerous inexpensive auto accessories available at Kole Imports to keep your vehicle running smoothly.


Flexible Oil Funnel


Routine oil changes are among the hallmarks of vehicle maintenance since they keep your engine’s many moving parts lubricated. Sufficient lubrication with quality oil prevents friction and wear that contribute to engine overheating and a shorter lifespan. This flexible oil funnel takes the mess out of DIY changes. It includes a detachable metal spout for filler openings that are difficult to reach, as well as a metal screen filter. The funnel measures 7 1/2″ and 4 3/4″ diameter. It is 15″ long with the spout attached. 


Auto Scratch Repair Marker


Without quick repairs, vehicle paint scratches leave the underlying metal exposed and subsequently vulnerable to oxidation. Rather than allowing rust to spread over your car’s panels, use this convenient Auto Scratch Repair Marker to take care of small scratches quickly. The marker is UV sunlight-activated to fill scratches while providing additional protection from the sun’s harmful rays. This product is also non-toxic, odor-free, and water-resistant. 


No Tangle Auto Booster Cables


A dead car battery can stop all plans in their tracks. Auto booster cables make a welcome addition to your vehicle maintenance kit so you can easily charge your battery as long as another car or truck is available. The color-coded, copper-plated products offer “no tangle” construction and measure exactly 8’ long. They provide 800 amps of power for the boost you need. 


Magnetic Key Holder


Much like a dead battery, getting locked out of your car derails whatever you had planned for the day. This magnetic key holder eliminates “I’m locked out of my car!!” crises so you always have keys within reach. You’ll get two holders per pack that attach to any metal surface. 


Portable Tire-Shaped Auto Air Compressor


When your tires need air, driving your car to the next available gas station isn’t always an option. The Portable Tire-Shaped Auto Air Compressor makes another welcome vehicle maintenance kit addition and features a multi-purpose adapter to add air to any inflatable product. 

Find these and other fantastic auto accessories for great prices at Kole Imports today. 

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