5 Cheap Sporting Goods To Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Losing weight or simply getting in better shape is a common New Year’s resolution, and is easy to keep when you have the right accessories to motivate you. Kole Imports sells a wide variety of sporting goods to help you channel your inner athlete and enjoy a more active lifestyle. Review a mere few of the top picks to inspire you this new year. 


Hand Grip Exerciser Set


Increase your grip strength with this two-piece set featuring ergonomic designs. Each hand grip exerciser features heavy-duty steel springs and comfortable, cushy handles that target your wrists and forearms as well as your hands. Each grip is 5″ long x 3.25″ wide and offers excellent portability. 


Size 4 Laser Soccer Ball


Practice your soccer moves before big games or have fun in the backyard or park with friends and family with the Size 4 Laser Soccer Ball. It features a holographic surface complete with multi-colored circle designs, as well as durable stitching and overall construction. Keep the ball between 4 and 6 pounds per square inch (psi) for the best results. The product is 8″ in diameter and requires inflation. 


Bicycle Accessory Kit


Make biking a springtime fitness goal with this convenient bicycle accessory kit. It includes five LED back bike lights with seven settings, five LED front bike lights with two settings, two reflective bands with hook and loop closures, and a cable bike lock with two keys. The front lights need three ‘AA’ batteries while the back lights require two ‘AAA’ batteries that are not included with the set. 


Sliding Exercise Disks


Enhance your workouts with these sliding exercise disks. They work on most surfaces, including hardwood, carpeting, and other flooring types, allowing you to burn more calories and have fun at the same time. And since the disks are compact, lightweight, and portable, you can take them on vacation, to the office, or anywhere else. 


2 Pack 1 Pound Walking Weights


Make walking, jogging, and running workouts extra challenging and effective with these walking weights. Each weighs one pound and comes filled with sand to help you sculpt your body in the new year. The weights work for both cardio and strength training workouts and feature soft, comfortable grips so you aren’t distracted while exercising. 

Look for these and many other inexpensive sporting goods on Kole Imports today. 

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