5 Crafting Accessories For Rainy Summer Days

Since not every summer day will be bright and sunny, it’s a good idea to have some backup activities for your children to enjoy. Craft projects provide wonderful alternatives to sitting in front of the television or computer, as they stimulate young minds, emphasize creativity and imagination, and keep kids from complaining about how bored they are when it’s pouring outside. Get inspired by these craft accessories and enjoy making new things with your kiddos.


Color Crayons Set


Jumbo crayons are not only fun for young children to use, but they are also easy for them to use. This color crayon set features 12 vibrant hues for your children to get creative with. Pair them with coloring sheets, blank scrap paper, and cards, as well as any craft project requiring a little color. Kids often remember their first crayon sets, so why not get one for everyone in your brood?


Fashion Beads Assortment


Colorful beads lend themselves to jewelry crafts, including necklaces, bracelets, and even earrings. Purchase this fashion bead assortment for your children to have all kinds of fun with, as beads add flair to a wide variety of crafts in addition to jewelry. If your kids are making crowns out of cardstock, for example, encrusting them with beads, faux jewels, and other babbles makes them even more unique and fun.


Hand Art Tattoo Pens


Your younglings will spend hours doodling with this hand art tattoo set. The ink is completely safe, with the pens coming in four distinct colors–black, magenta, blue, and green. The “tattoos” are removable with soap and water, and are for children ages 6 and up.


5 Pack Dimensional Paint Set


This five-pack dimensional paint set exposes your kids to the world of 3D art. Let them use the paint to draw or paint on any (approved by you) surface, and don’t worry about the mess. These easy-to-hold tubes make these crafting accessories mess-free. Colors include red, yellow, green, purple, and blue, with each tube featuring 0.203 ounces of paint.


Hatchimals 4 Pack Stampers


Ideal for crafts and putting a stamp on cute notes, this Hatchimals four-pack features four round pieces featuring lime green, pink, purple, and blue ink. Don’t be surprised if every craft or note your kids make this summer includes stamps from these self-inking accessories!

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