5 Freebie Ideas For Your Next Trade Show

If there is one thing consumers absolutely love, it’s free stuff. Many attend trade shows not just to network and see the latest and greatest products from a variety of vendors, but to accumulate swag. Make your next trade show pop by providing freebies branded with your company name, logo, and contact information. These freebies increase brand awareness and remind consumers why your business beats the competition. Keep in mind practical freebies that provide value to the consumer are always best.


Micro USB Chargers


In today’s world, the phrase “Can I use your charger?” is more common than ever. Give your target audience the gift of micro USB chargers featuring your brand information. These chargers feature three convenient pieces: one USB car charger, one USB cable with micro and stand connectors, and one USB wall charger. The chargers also come with individual hanging boxes and feature many colors to choose from so you can match the hue to your brand.


Folding Travel Toothbrushes


Travel toothbrushes are welcome freebies to consumers who are always “en route” and do not like bringing their toothbrushes from home everywhere they go. If your company is travel-based, these toothbrushes are ideal, but you do not have to be in the industry to utilize them. Folding toothbrushes offer extra convenience because they save space in toiletry bags and do not need separate pieces to keep them free of germs.


Drawstring Backpacks


Adjustable drawstring backpacks are easy to emblazon with your company information and feature a stylish, sporty look. They are ideal for travel, the gym, and as makeshift purses and school bags.


LED Flashlights


Small flashlights that attach easily to keychains and make welcome additions to emergency vehicle kits are yet another outstanding trade show freebie option. They come in fun colors and last a long time since they contain LED lights. Whether your business is all about conservation or you want to brand yourself as an eco-minded brand, LED flashlights provide the perfect freebie solution.


Long-Spouted Watering Can


This freebie idea may seem a bit unorthodox, but it is just as effective as the above options when implemented correctly. Long-spouted watering cans with your brand name and contact information once again let consumers know you are eco-friendly. If yours is a garden and or lawn care company, why not promote your services with something green-thumbed people always need?


These are just some ideas….and remember, don’t be afraid to get creative!


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