5 Games To Keep Kids Occupied On Long Road Trips

If you and your little ones are about to embark on an epic road trip, you need to keep them occupied to avoid cries of “Are we there yet??” And while movies and online games certainly help, if you would rather save your battery or your vehicle is not equipped for such entertainment, create a road trip “goody bag.” Use these portable game options to get started so the kids stay busy as you pass state lines.


Plastic Coated Poker Size Playing Cards


Teach the kids all kinds of card games, including Solitaire, Spit, Crazy 8s, Go Fish, and War among others with these plastic-coated, poker-sized options. The plastic coating helps them survive water and juice spills. There are two sets of 52 cards plus two jokers per pack so the kiddos don’t have to wrestle over one set.


Travel Labyrinth Game


Provide each of your kids with their own Travel Labyrinth Game to occupy their time while they sit in the back seat. This numbered-hole maze game requires the player to navigate a metal ball without hitting any of said holes. It comes in a range of colors and tests coordination for at least 20 minutes of fun.


Alphabet & Number Foam Puzzles


Use these puzzles to keep the preschool members of your crew busy. It helps them learn their numbers and letters in a fun and engaging way, as the non-toxic foam pieces are soft and spongy. Every puzzle is 8.5″ x 11.5″ and is 0.25″ thick; consider purchasing one of each for more educational fun.


Emoticon Spin-O-Rama


Keep the kids busy while helping them de-stress and relax with these Spin-O-Rama toys featuring colorful emoticons. Also known as fidget spinners, the three-pronged pieces have a meditative-like effect. They spin for 90 and 120 seconds when they are used properly. Note these products are not suitable for children under 12 years old.


6 in 1 Game Set


Pack this six-in-one game set for the kids to discover en route. As sturdy as it is portable, it includes chess, checkers, a deck of cards, dominoes, and backgammon. And while some of these games may not work in the car, this set still provides options for them to enjoy when they are out of the car. You’ll want to bring it on every trip!


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