5 Party Supplies For Your Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration

Saint Patrick’s Day is a wonderful time of libation-infused fun for many, and if you intend to “be Irish for a day” this year, there are some party supplies you will not want to be without. Whether you are throwing a shindig yourself, plan to attend one, or are going bar hopping, keep these supplies in mind as you get ready for a day of revelry:


Beer Pong Kit


What is any day of sudsy fun without beer pong? Provide an exciting, competitive game for everyone to enjoy with a beer pong kit that includes 12 cups and 18 balls. Game instructions are included for the few people who may not know how to play this classic drinking game.


Inflatable Golden Crown


This crown provides a wonderful prize for whoever wins at beer pong. And since many Saint Patrick’s Day festival-goers deck themselves out with assorted hats and other party gear before going on bar crawls, why not add this fun accessory to the mix? The crown is 9″ x 9″ x 6″ in size and ideal for anyone ages 3 and up.


Shenanigans Irish Bar Plastic Tumbler Cup


This durable, tall, reusable plastic tumbler cup is a Saint Patrick’s Day must. Printed with the words “Shenanigans Irish Bar Pub Crawl Team”, “Have No Fear” and “Plenty O’ Beer,” you won’t want to part with this cup all day long. Purchase numerous cups to give out to friends and family as lasting mementos of Saint Patrick’s Day 2019. The cup is 6.125″ tall x 3.5” in diameter.


Jumbo Paper Confetti


Confetti adds colorful magic to any party. Jumbo paper confetti in assorted colors helps you create a decor scheme extending beyond the traditional orange, white, and green colors of Saint Patrick’s Day (and the Irish flag). Enjoy covering your party space with confetti, or throwing it up in the air and watching where it lands. Friends and family could easily wind up with pieces in their hair signaling a day of beer and whiskey-soaked fun.


Mini Spinning LED Disco Light


This portable LED disco light helps you bring the party to any location. Ideal for medium to large rooms, it provides a detailed, constantly-changing red, green, and blue light display sure to mesmerize your guests. And because the lights are LED, there is no fire hazard to worry about.

These and more fabulous party supplies are available at Kole Imports for wholesale prices. Stock up today for a Saint Patrick’s Day experience you won’t forget.

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