5 Pet Supply Items You Can’t Miss

5 Pet Supply Items You Can’t Miss

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you’re faced with a bevy of super new pet products for your four-legged friend you cannot wait to check out. Here’s a curated list of five awesome pet supply items that is sure to get tails wagging!

Travel Pet Food Bowl

Ideal for long walks, travel, or camping trips, a convenient travel pet food bowl enables you to feed Fido wherever you go. Constructed of sturdy, double layered nylon, these food bowls are collapsible and will fit into any purse or pocket. They also come in a plethora of colors and styles, ideal for both male and female pets.

Super Absorbent Dog Drying Towel

Whether for bath time or a swim at the beach, finding a super absorbent dog-drying towel is crucial. Featuring a soft, light brown fabric and adorable paw print, this towel absorbs twice as much moisture as a conventional one and quickly removes mud, debris, and bacteria from your pet’s coat. Best of all, it is machine washable for easy cleaning.

Cat Scratch Pad Spinning Toy with Mouse

Curiosity killed the cat – or knocked over your favorite potted plants. Keep bored cats busy with this interactive scratch pad. This durable and lightweight item features a scratching board and spinning mouse inside that satisfies a cat’s need to hunt, pounce, and prey. No batteries are required!

Slow Feeder Dog Food Bowl

Hungry dogs can quickly gobble all of their food down, leading to serious health risks. This slow feeder dog bowl solves the problem of your dog eating too quickly by featuring large and small pegs designed to slow down the gulping of food that leads to choking, bloating, and vomiting.

Two in One Cat Tunnel and Bed with Heating Layer

Keep your pet cozy and comfy! Ideal for cats and small dog breeds, this lightweight bed and tunnel gives them a safe place to snooze. Featuring a unique tunnel design and a heating layer that naturally warms with the animal’s body heat; this tunnel bed is perfect for winter naps.

Your pet is your best friend. Treat him or her like a member of the family by providing these top pet supply items, including toys, water bowls, and pet beds.

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