5 Unique & Cheap Lightbulb/Illumination Options

Illuminate your home this holiday season and beyond with inexpensive yet quality bulbs from Kole Imports. There’s a variety of standard and unusual bulbs to select from, allowing you to create unique lighting schemes throughout your home. Get some ideas here to make the winter months a little brighter.

40 Watt Rainbow Light Bulb

Turn on this rainbow light bulb during a theme party or any other time you want to infuse your home with extra color. The 40 Watt Rainbow Light Bulb features a blue head that fades to red when it’s on, making it an ideal illumination option for Halloween, ‘70s disco, ‘80s dance, and other costume parties. The bulb is 3” long and makes it clear that you take your hosting duties seriously.

Green Planet Shatter Resistant 65 Watt Replacement Bulb

Reduce your household carbon footprint by replacing energy-sucking incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient replacements from Green Planet. The soft white bulb uses only 15 watts compared to the standard 65 and lasts up to seven years or 8,000 hours. You’ll save $44 in annual energy costs when you order several bulbs for your home. It’s also rubber-coated for ease of use.

COB Retro Bulb Light

Enjoy using this retro-style bulb in your foyer, kitchen, bathroom, walk-in closet, or anywhere else that suits your illumination needs. This COB light requires no electricity, outlet, or wiring to operate, and instead requires three AAA batteries (not included). The red color enhances the retro vibe for a lightbulb friends and family will keep pointing out.

2 Pack Green 7 Blue Long Life Night Light Bulbs

Use these bulbs as night lights in children’s rooms or for holiday displays and signs. The felt electric 7-watt blue bulbs come two to a package and provide a soothing hue that makes everyone feel extra calm and peaceful. These lights are also available in green and red to complete your holiday light display.

2 Pk Dimmable Natural Daylight 65 Watt Equivalent CFL Display
Reduce your property’s carbon footprint more with this felt electric dimmable bulb that mimics daylight. It replaces a 65-watt bulb with 15 watts to save money as well as energy and provides the perfect illumination solution for track and recessed can lighting schemes. It’s especially beneficial to high-temperature lighting schemes such as insulated, recessed can fixtures in ceilings.

Find these and other inexpensive lights at Kole Imports today.

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