6 Amazing Automotive Supplies from Kole Imports

6 Amazing Automotive Supplies from Kole Imports

With 30 years of experience, Kole Imports is one of the largest wholesale e-commerce companies out there, servicing customers from all over the globe. Now you can save 10 percent on all of their automotive supplies when you use the exclusive promo code “CAR.”

Here are just a few of the innovative automotive supplies that are part of Kole Imports’ extensive inventory.

Spic & Span All Purpose Wet Wipes

Ideal for trucks, cars, and RVs, these wet wipes are great for most hard surfaces and come in a convenient dispenser that fits into most cup holders. Use them on a plethora of hard surfaces, including glass, vinyl, fiberglass, and acrylic.

Vehicle Emergency Kit in a Zippered Case

In the instance of an emergency, it’s always good to be prepared. This handy emergency kit, complete with a convenient zippered case, includes jumper cables, LED headlamp, working gloves, rain poncho, tire pressure gauge and a mini first aid kit with bandages, alcohol pads, sterile pads, and tweezers.

Car Mount Cell Phone Holder Countertop Display

Never take your eyes off the road again with this car mount phone holder, which fits most types of smartphones. It features a durable plastic case with 360-degree rotation, eight mini suction cups for a maximum grip, and a base with a large suction cup and quick release snap lock.

Microfiber Auto Wash Mitt

Get your ride spotless with this wash mitt, featuring tiny microfiber “fingers” to grab dirt and debris and wash your car’s exterior or interior gently. The small fingers get into almost every nook and cranny of your car for a spotless clean.

Emergency Roadside Kit

In case of a breakdown on the side of the road in the middle of the night, keep this emergency roadside travel tool kit in your vehicle at all times. The kit includes a set of 8-foot booster cables, cotton work gloves, red utility vinyl tape, Philips and slotted screwdrivers, a pair of slip-joint pliers, a tire gauge and a 9-piece socket set. 

Blind Spot Mirror

This mirror helps you see on all sides, even in those pesky blind spots. The adhesive back sticks almost anywhere.

Kole Imports is proud to offer a large selection of automotive parts to its clientele. To get your 10 percent discount, simply enter the promo word “CAR” today.

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