6 Bath Accessories For The Kids’ Bathroom

Children’s bathrooms provide the opportunity to decorate based on a fun theme such as pirates, marine animals, and the beach. Even if you don’t have a specific theme in mind, there are plenty of bath accessories that make getting clean extra fun for kids. Consider any of these accessories, all of which are available at Kole Imports for fabulous wholesale prices: 


Kids’ Travel Bath Squirter Toy


Perfect for bath time at home or anywhere else, this adorable toy is made of soft plastic so even the littlest hands can squeeze it easily. It comes in airplane, car, and train designs to teach your young one about modes of transportation. The toy is for children ages 12 months and up and measures 3.5″ long x 2.25″ to 4″ wide. 


Non-Slip Foot-Shaped Bathtub Appliques


Keeping kids safe while bathing is always a priority, something these fun appliques make easy. Each package comes with four foot-shaped products featuring suction cups on the back for quick application. All “feet” are 5″ long each. 


If you would rather use one solid mat, consider the Kids’ Animal Print Bath Mat featuring fun and colorful animal prints. 


Soap Boxes


Too many children’s soaps end up on the tub floor, shrinking in the water unnecessarily. Teach your kids to be responsible with the bathing accessory using these colorful soap boxes. Every set comes with two boxes ideal for traveling as well as home use. The plastic boxes feature vents on the bottom to prevent mildew and snap shut for easy portability. All boxes are 4 1/4″ x 3″ and 1 1/2″ deep.


Printed Shower Curtain With Rings Set


Adding more color to your kids’ bathroom is simple with this printed shower curtain. Featuring colorful dots, the curtain comes with rings and measures 70″ x 70″. It is also durable to withstand kiddie use and takes little effort to clean. 


Hanging Shower Basket

Teaching your children organization doesn’t have to start with anything huge. Hanging shower baskets, for example, allow your children to keep their toiletries organized without much hassle. It includes a top hook, drainage holes, and images of shower and bath products. The baskets also come in bold colors to keep a fun theme going in your kids’ bathroom. 

Find these and many more inexpensive bath accessories for fantastic wholesale prices at Kole Imports & Closeouts today. 

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