6 Embellishments That Make Your Scrapbooks Pop

Scrapbooking has to be one of the most fun organizational tasks on the planet. Not only do you get to take lovely memory trips as you paste and tape photos, event programs, ticket stubs, patches, and other mementos to each page, you also get to write funny and sentimental comments and decorate your work with embellishments. Make your scrapbooks pop with these inexpensive yet totally amazing embellishments perfect for a variety of book themes.


Family Scrapbooking Stickers


Use this 110-piece sticker set to adorn family photos and memorabilia. The stickers have a wood-like design for a rustic, old world-style look and feature different wording such as “Home,” “Families Are Forever,” “The Good Life,” “Best of Times,” and “Live, Laugh, Love.” The acid-free stickers come on a convenient pad and in assorted sizes and shapes.


Clear Cut Family Frames With Glitter Accents


Enjoy framing beloved photos in these clear-cut options featuring glittered accents. Use them in scrapbooks or for other crafts. The frames have a family theme and are perfectly transparent for easy use. There are four frames total that fit 4″ x 6″ and 5″ x 7″ photos.


Inspirational Sayings Rub-On Transfers


Add these rub-on transfers with inspirational quotes to the pages of your scrapbook to make them stand out even more. Sayings include “The Road To Success” and “Inspire Courage” among other things, all of which can be transferred on wood, fabric, and paper among other crafting surfaces. The set includes two sheets of sayings as well as an application stick.


Metal Rim Vellum Tags


Make these tags part of your scrapbook or add them to assorted homemade cards for unique looks. Packs come with red, blue, yellow, and orange tags in small, medium, and large sizes. Decorate them with glitter glue, stamps, and pens. Each set features six tags.


Vacation Sayings Rub-On Transfers


Embellish a scrapbook all about your epic vacations with these fun transfers. Sayings include “Explore,” “Great Times,” “Distant Lands,” and “Excursion”, as well as one big travel-themed quote. Two sheets of transfers and one applicator stick make up this set.


Pink Sewing Fun Decorative Tags Scrapbooking Stickers


Enjoy using these tags in scrapbooks, on gift bags, and any other applicable crafts. They offer plenty of colors and come in several sizes and shapes so no two pages have the same embellishments. Fabric textures, paper clip, floral, heart, button, and woven trim tags are some of the fantastic options available.

Find these and plenty more scrapbooking embellishments at Kole Imports today.

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