6 Fun & Practical Stationery Items For Cheap

Getting “real mail,” i.e. notes, letters, postcards, and other items that are not junk, order, or bill-related, is an exciting thing for many people. Kole Imports features a number of stationery items to select from so that you can correspond with friends and family the “snail mail” way. Review some of their best wholesale selections here.

Kids Playing Stationery Sheets

This adorable notepad features drawings of five children playing at the bottom. Each child is engaged in a different activity, such as one skipping rope and another flying a kite. Use it to send notes and write out reminders at home, or add it to the classroom if you’re a teacher. The notepad is ideal for printing rules and announcements on.

Nature Craft Adornment Stickers

Letters, thank-you notes, and other “snail mail” looks even better with embellishments. Kole Imports offers a variety of sticker sets to select from, including these Nature Craft Adornment Stickers that easily adhere to laptops, cell phones, and gift boxes in addition to stationery. Nature-themed designs include trees, recycling symbols, and wording such as “tree hugs.”

12 Count Deluxe Computer Stationery Sheets

This 8.5″ x 11″ computer stationery makes it easy to create flyers, newsletters, reports, invitations, and announcements. It accommodates the majority of copiers as well as inkjet and laser printers. There are 12 sheets total with matching envelopes in assorted designs.

Push Pins & Clips Stationery Set

You won’t need to purchase stationery supplies for awhile with this convenient set that includes 172 pieces total. There’s three durable metal clips as well as six jumbo paper clips, six binder clips, 50 push pins with plastic heads, 80 small paper clips, and 30 medium paper clips. The pack comes in assorted colors.

Travel Stationery Kit

Just because you’re on the go doesn’t mean you have to be without stationery. This Travel Stationery Kit easily fits into backpacks, glove compartments, purses, and bags thanks to a slim plastic case. It features a small pair of scissors, as well as a knife, stapler, pencil sharpener, ruler, gluestick, and tape. The set also comes in black and white for a sleek and stylish addition to your stationery supplies.

5-Drawer Desktop Storage Organizer

Keep all of your new stationery items in this convenient desktop drawer set. Categorize your supplies quickly thanks to five drawers within a sturdy black plastic frame. Use it for stationery and many other supplies, such as craft and sewing items. It measures 10.25″ x 7.25″ x 6”, with each drawer 1.75″ x 6.75″ x 5.5″.

Find these and other fun stationery supplies at Kole Imports today.

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