6 Inexpensive Beauty Items To Revitalize Your Look In The New Year

Whether you’re aiming for a complete makeover in the new year or simply want to update your look, Kole Imports offers a wide range of quality cosmetic products that look great without costing a small fortune. Learn about some of these items before starting your “new year, new makeup” shopping. 


Aziza Studio Assorted Heartbeat & Desire Nail Polish


Make a nail statement this new year with polish that gets you noticed. This polish from Aziza Studio comes in vibrant red hues that encourage people to stop and stare. It dries quickly and lasts much longer than a few days to keep your nails looking amazing minus the expensive manicure. 


Italia Deluxe Waterproof Black Mascara 


Create a dramatic eye look with Italia Deluxe Waterproof Black Mascara. Enjoy coating your lashes with this rich product that instantly adds glamour and mystery to your look. The mascara also comes in blue, dark blue, clear, and dark brown shades. And since it’s so wallet-friendly, you can purchase every color for less than what one non-wholesale mascara costs. 


2-In-1 Foundation Concealer Medium Tones


Enjoy the look of smooth, blemish-free skin with this correcting product. Doubling as concealer and foundation, it suits medium skin tones and features a convenient compact container with a twist top. The cruelty-free, highly-pigmented product creates a matte finish, making it easy to use for spot correction or as foundation. 


Colormates Bright Eyes Metallic Eye Shadow Compact


Experiment with natural to exotic looks using this metallic eye shadow compact from Colormates. It features five salon formula hues you can wear alone or blend together to create a variety of attractive combinations. You’ll love the smooth, natural finish and long wear without the high price tag. 


Polka Dot Blush


Give your cheeks that coveted flushed look with these City Color Illuminating Single Color Blushes in fun polka dot cases. They’re available in coral, pink, and light pink hues to suit assorted skin tones and blend easily with foundation to avoid streaky looks. The blush is also manufactured without animal testing. 


Butter Lip Sheen Berry Collection


Make your lips extra luscious with the Butter Lip Sheen Berry Collection in six fantastically-tropical colors, including rose petal, pink passion, red queen, and raspberry bite. The super-moisturizing lip products made with shea butter oil contain wands for easy application. 

Find these and other low-price cosmetics at Kole Imports today. 

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