6 Inexpensive Hair Accessories For Your Teen

For many, part of being a teenager is experimenting with different looks. If your teen is all about doing different things with her hair, you don’t have to spend a fortune to keep her looking trendy and cute. There are plenty of totally fabulous hair accessories that won’t make your wallet cry. 


Jeweled Flower Stretchy Headband


Make your teen’s hair dazzle with this jeweled, stretchy headband. The layered fabric flower features a large faux jewel in the middle to add flare to hair, while the clasp-free design ensures the headband stays comfortable. The flower is approximately 4″ in diameter while the headband itself is 0.25″ wide. It comes in various colors so you can select a headband in your teen’s favorite hue. 


4 Pack Multi-Color Ponytail Scrunchie


Keep your daughter’s hair back without the breakage using this scrunchie pack. Scrunchies have returned to the mainstream and are more popular than ever thanks to their winning combination of style and strand protection. These fabric hair ties come in blue, black, and red to create chic looks. 


Revlon Curly Twirl Ups Frosted


Help your teen get ready for formal dances and other sophisticated affairs with fun extensions. This curly updo creation from Revlon adds instant glamour, as all you need to do is push it in hair and “twirl it up” to create a beautiful look. The flexible wire bends as necessary to ensure desired results. 


Medium Grip-Link Claw Hair Clips


Provide these claw hair clips so your teen can twist her hair up into assorted styles or simply keep strands back while she’s washing her face. Made of durable plastic without the metal springs, these clips hold any type of hair in perfect position. They come in various colors for your convenience. 


Paddle Hair Brush


Make brushing hair easy with this quality paddle brush. It combines a soft air cushion with ball-tipped nylon bristles to stimulate the scalp as it detangles. The brush is 9 1/4″ long with a 3″ x 5″ head and works well on normal to thick hair. 


Bohemian Braided Headband


Encourage your teen to try a variety of hairstyles with this braided headband. Available in bright, bold, and neutral colors, the headband creates a classic look your young one is sure to rock. The product comes in 36 to a pack and features nylon thread with elastic backs. 

Find these and many more inexpensive hair accessories at Kole Imports today. 

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