6 Inexpensive Sewing Kits & Related Accessories

If sewing is a favorite crafting pastime or you have a friend or family member who is all about needlework, there are plenty of ways to fuel the passion without spending a lot. Kole Imports sells a wide variety of sewing and needlecraft accessories for fantastic wholesale prices to keep your craft costs or your gift budget reasonable. 


Compact Sewing Kit In Case


Sew on the go! This adorable compact sewing kit makes clothing emergencies easy to deal with. It includes two of the following: needles, buttons, and snaps, as well as six different-colored threads, one threader, three pins, tweezers, and mini scissors as well as the case itself. It fits easily in bags, purses, vehicle glove compartments, and just about anywhere else. 


Sewing Needle Set With Measuring Tape


Build your needle collection with this convenient set that also includes a measuring tape. Each set contains two round cases featuring 10 needles each. Needle eye size varies to accommodate different projects while the double-sided tape measure features inches on the front and centimeters on the back. The cases are 2″ in diameter while the measuring tape is 60” long. 


24-Pack All-Purpose Sewing Thread Set


Fix clothes in different colors quickly and easily with this all-purpose sewing thread set. It comes with 24 spools in hues including green, beige, blue, orange, brown, red, pink, and magenta. Each spool features a minimum of 10 yards of thread and is 1” tall. 


Helping Hands Pincushion With Needle Sharpener


Keep this pincushion that comes complete with a needle sharpener close by during all sewing activities. It features adorable tomato and strawberry shapes so you can store all of your best needles and sharpen them as needed. Needle “burrs” can easily snag fabric, something the sharpener helps prevent. The cushion measures 2.75″ in size. 


Boogie Purple Sparkle Sashay Yarn


Use this bright-colored, durable yarn to make scarves and other winter accessories. The purple product includes silvery edges for extra sparkle to inspire your creative efforts. And there’s plenty of yarn on this and other products in different colors, as it features 30 yards to play with. 


Pink & Brown Self-Adhesive Decorative Trim


Add trim to your creations, such as hats, scarves, and anything else you come up with. This brown and pink self-adhesive trim makes it easy to complete sewing and knitting products so you can avoid glue gun messes. 

Find these and other sewing products today at Kole Imports for wholesale prices. 

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