6 Stocking Stuffers At Affordable Prices

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffers for your holiday store? Kole Imports carries a wide range of affordable and stocking-sized gifts that you can order today. Your customers will be happy to be able to purchase toys, home items, pet treats and other fun products to give to their friends and family this Christmas.


Here are 6 of the top stocking stuffers we think shoppers will jump to buy this year:


  1. Kids Tea & Coffee Play Set


Our Kids Tea & Coffee Play Set offers hours of fun with a teapot or coffee carafe, 2 cups, a plate, 3 utensils, and make-believe food. This toy for ages 3 and up comes packaged in a hanging box.


  1. Emoticon Stress Ball Set


For some laughs and relaxation, our Emoticon Stress Balls are perfect. These squeezable plastic foam balls are printed with easily recognizable faces and they fit in the palm of a hand, perfect for a light game of play or a bit of tension release. Balls measure approximately 3 inches in diameter and the set comes with 12 assorted styles.


  1. Ninja Turtles Accessories Kit


Light up a kid’s Christmas by offering our Ninja Turtles Accessories Kit. Cowabunga, dude! Our accessory set is complete with everything little ones need to display their turtle power. A slap bracelet, 2 rubber bracelets, a sheet of printed stickers and a Leonardo mask will brighten any Christmas morning or eve.


  1. Kitchen Utensil with Colorful Handle Assortment


For the cooks in the family, our Kitchen Utensil with Colorful Handle Assortment is perfect. This set of helpful kitchen tools is made of durable plastic and each tool features a colorful decorative handle. Utensils measure roughly 12.5 inches, just the right size to stuff into a stocking. The set includes a solid ladle, perforated ladle, perforated spoon, solid spoon, and large perforated spoon.


  1. Knotted Dog Rope Toy


Pets love stocking stuffers too! That’s why we offer a Knotted Dog Rope Toy with tight knots at both ends, offering a challenge for Fido or Fluffy. The colorful design makes the toy easy to see and the design encourages chewing and tugging (better on the toy than new Christmas shoes and clothes).


  1. Egg Shape Kitchen Timer


Handy kitchen gadgets are always fun to get in stockings. We love the idea of waking up to find an Egg Shape Kitchen Timer stuffed down deep, ideal for making treats on Christmas morning. Our Egg Shape Timer makes it easy to keep track of how long goodies are curing, booking and setting. The manual timer is made of durable plastic and features a bell that rings when the time is up.


Get these stocking stuffers fast because they’ll sell out quickly!


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