6 Wholesale Products For Thanksgiving Prep

Thanksgiving marks the official start of the holiday season, which for many people is a whirlwind of cooking, baking, shopping, decorating, attending parties, concerts, parades, and other events, and generally making merry. No matter the scope of your Thanksgiving plans this season, you don’t have to spend a small fortune on the preparation. Kole Imports offers a variety of wholesale Thanksgiving items to keep your costs minimal. 


Baster With Measure Markers


Base your Thanksgiving turkey with ease using this modern baster featuring distinctive measure markers. Use it for marinades, liquids, and all other juices to create a variety of mouth-watering meat dishes throughout the holiday season and beyond. The baster is 10” long and comes with a soft, easily-squeezable ball made of soft plastic. It’ll be your go-to tool for the season. 


Bamboo Hot Pads


Add rustic flair to your Thanksgiving table with these natural bamboo hot pads. They prevent white heat marks on wooden surfaces by creating effective barriers and feature woven, highly-durable bamboo surrounded by durable nylon edges. Each mat is 7″ x 7″. Use them for every hot dish on your dinner table as well as on wooden coffee and side tables. 


Large Glass Cutting Board


Cut fruit and vegetables this holiday season using this sturdy, non-porous, scratch-resistant glass cutting board. It also functions as a trivet or as a stylish server plate for hor d’oeuvres if you hire servers for your holiday parties. The cutting board also requires little effort to clean and measures 11″ x 15″ in size. 


Colorful Chef Knife Set


Slice and dice all season long using knives from a colorful, varied set. The ergonomic handles make food prep comfortable, with knife variations including steak, fillet, bread, boning, and Santoku. They measure 8.5″ to 13″ long and are dishwasher-safe for streamlined Thanksgiving prep. 


Decorative Wine Bottle Holder


Display wine using this sophisticated holder. It features a glistening chrome rack and wavy design with ball feet so it stays put regardless of where you place it. The holder comes with three separate sections to stack on top of one another. Add it to your kitchen or dining room for easy access. 


Crystal Effect Plastic Wine Glasses


Use this four-piece plastic wine glass set in the crystal style to host holiday parties this year. You won’t have to worry about shattered glass and subsequent messy clean-ups. The durable plastic catches in the light to resemble real crystal, with each glass holding 7 oz./210 ml of liquid. 

Find these and other Thanksgiving prep items at Kole Imports today. 

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