8 Great Selling Alternatives To Ebay

It’s fundamental. Once you’ve chosen the wholesale merchandise items from Kole Imports you’re going to sell, unless you’re selling your goods on the side of the road out of the back of your car you have to choose an online platform to market them from, and for many of you that’s Ebay. And it’s a good choice. Although it’s facing some competition these days, Ebay still remains the largest marketplace on the planet, with 164 million users as of the second quarter of 2016, and hundreds of millions of items for sale at any given time. Although it faced something of a revolt not too long ago because of arbitrary and draconian policies and an indifferent attitude towards its users, in recent years Ebay has cleaned up its act, and made several improvements to its platform.

Still, there reasons one might want to get away from Ebay and look for other alternatives. The selling fees there are thought to be excessive by many. And although Ebay is friendlier these days, it’s still possible to find yourself in a problem situation with them that’s hard to resolve. But maybe the best reason is simply to expand your online presence and reach out to a more diverse customer base, or narrow it down to a particular one.

In recent years the number of online marketplaces has expanded, and today’s seller has a number of attractive choices. Amazon, of course, is Ebay’s fiercest competitor, and some claim it has actually surpassed Ebay in size and usage. Many of you are already on Amazon’s platform, and Kole Imports makes it easy to place FBA orders for those of you who are.

But here’s a short list of some of the best sites out there besides Ebay and Amazon, in no particular order. You would do well to explore some of them and consider adding a few to your marketing arsenal.

  • Etsy – Largely oriented towards handmade and craft type items, you can also sell vintage and antique goods there and other stuff too. They charge twenty cents to list, and roughly 3.5% of the final selling price.
  • Shopify – This site lets you set up an online storefront with your own design, choosing from their large assortment of templates. They also offer a neat sales analysis tool, and many other useful services, depending on the monthly plan you choose, which range from as little as $9 up to $179.
  • Ebid – If you’d prefer a site that’s much like Ebay but with much lower fees this might be the place for you. Not as big of course, but still quite popular.
  • Newegg – If you specialize in new electronic devices, this site is a favorite of geeks the world over.
  • 3dcart – Another site that allows you to create your own storefront, much like Shopify, and with a lot of nice seller services built-in.
  • Bonanza – Focused on fashion retailers, you can set up a ‘booth’ and sell your product for a fixed price. They do charge fees, but they’re pretty reasonable.
  • GoAntiques – if you love to buy and sell antiques, you need to have a presence here. They charge $25 per month for a membership.
  • Craigslist – Nothing wrong with this old standby. You can sell almost anything, and there are no fees or costs.


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