Are You Ready To Rock? Wholesale Rock Shaped Key Hider

Looking at the picture of this item, it doesn’t look like much.  It’s just a rock…  Or is it?  Never be locked out of your house again when you have one of these in your garden.  It’s a plactic rock with a storage compartment in it for your house key.  This is a fun, gimicky item that your customers will love. 

It’s a great impulse item, and it will sell well.  Each rock has a UPC code on the bottom, and they are packaged in a countertop display box which explains that it is more than an ordinary rock. Visit or call your Kole Imports salesperson now at 800-874-7766 and demand that they sell you some of these key-hiding rocks at a low wholesale price.  Item number is GM247.

Wholesale Key Hiding Rock Item # GM247
Wholesale Key Hiding Rock Item # GM247

This is the latest example of the diversity of our wholesale closeout merchandise.  Keep visiting our site and watching this blog to see what else is new.  We have a lot of deals in process now.

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