How Automotive Repair Shops Should Be Using Promotional Items

How Automotive Repair Shops Should Be Using Promotional Items

Retail is retail, even when what you are selling is a service, rather than a product. Businesses such as automotive repair shops should keep this in mind when considering how to attract and hold on to customers. From free giveaways to special deals to raffles, make sure your clients know you appreciate them with repeated reminders and offers.

Give Something Away
In the stress of everyday work and the complications that go along with owning your own business, it is easy to forget sometimes that your customers are your lifeblood. One simple word of advice: don’t. Instead, look for ways to show your appreciation by saying thank you with no strings attached. That can mean offering goods or services for free, such as a complimentary interior cleaning of your car. However, it can also take the form of sponsoring a monthly burger barbecue or free ice cream giveaway. Your customers will come to appreciate your kindnesses and support your business.

Offer Add-Ons at Reduced Prices
Your customers are already taking their credit cards out of their wallet, so why not offer them some perks for trusting you with their business? Whether it is offering an extra service for a sale price, such as a half-price oil change when you get new tires, or complimentary or reduced-price products as a thank you for their allegiance, make sure they know you are happy to have them as customers. If you do offer such an extra service, make sure a sign or the actual products are up front, near the cash register, so your customers see what you are offering. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Think Big
Thinking outside of the box and going big doesn’t mean it has to cost your business a lot. Instead, think of how you and another business can help one another out and create an amazing draw for your company. For instance, offer greatly reduced prices to employees of a local travel agency or car-rental company in exchange for a low-cost airfare or rental rate to an exotic destination. Then, ask every customer if they would like to sign up for the free prize as they check out. Finally, hold a raffle on a specified date to give the prize away. This will cost you very little in the long run and become a source of excitement for your clients.

In the end, it’s about creating a human rapport with your customers and letting them know it’s not all about the bottom line. Your generosity and willingness to work harder for their trust will repay you again and again over time. You can count on it.

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