Baby Snow Hats For Winter

It’s cold.  I had to wear a winter jacket when I rode my motorcycle to work today.  I love California.  But enough about me.  Let’s talk about people in colder climates.

Mom always said, “You should wear a warm hat when you go outside in the winter.  You lose 90% of your body heat through your head.”  It’s even worse if your head is really tiny and bald.  Tiny bald-headed people need hats, and we have lots of baby winter hats, in two different styles (Items BI007 & BI008), wholesaling for well under a dollar.  Cute winter baby snow hats will be great sellers in your store, and you will be helping to protect and nurture the brilliant minds of the future by keeping them warm.  These are a must-buy item if it’s cold outside and you have a lot of parents shopping in your store.

If you carry winter clothing in your store, take a look at your product line and make sure you have things for children and babies.  Kids are always losing their hats, and parents like to have some extra winter hats around for emergencies.

Both of these hats come in assorted colors.  Here are some pictures.  Click one to go to our website.

Baby Winter Hat Wholesale # BI007

Baby Winter Hat Wholesale # BI007

Baby Winter Hat Wholesale # BI008

Baby Snow Hat Wholesale # BI008

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