The Best Promotional Items For Trade Shows

The Best Promotional Items For Trade Shows

Trade shows are one of the simplest, most effective ways to get your name and logo out there. They also offer an unmatchable opportunity to meet directly with potential buyers and clients so you can imprint your products and business objectives firmly in their brains. Giving away promotional items is a great way to underscore all of these things. However, you’ll want to offer something different, memorable and useful, and that takes a little thought.

Make it Interesting

Giving away something that will be tossed in a suitcase and forgotten, only to be discarded for good when your visitors have returned home, is not a good endgame for your promotional items. Accordingly, make sure they are something unique, different, and unforgettable and will even spur conversations in the future. Don’t just opt for a simple product with your branding on it. Instead, put your logo on an item that is unusual to see branded yet extremely in people’s lives.

Don’t Burn Through Your Cash

Sure, giving away free, state-of-the-art cell phones would make you the hit of the trade show, but it would also end your business dreams rather quickly. Instead, you have got to identify an item that is both interesting enough for your visitors to hold on to, and reasonably priced enough for you to create without burning a hole in your proverbial pocket.

Logo for the Gold

Make sure your name, logo, and web address are everywhere and anywhere you can find to include them so that people constantly are reminded of one or all of them. Otherwise, what is the point of attending a trade show in hopes of increasing your business? This includes fliers or printed handouts that explain your products and promotional items. Finally, make sure your logo is bold enough to see and is the same everywhere in which it appears. You want your logo emblazoned in people’s brains, not confused by the different versions of it.

Ultimately, identifying the best promotional items to feature at a trade show must be done with care and imagination. Don’t overlook the need to strategize, plan, and develop a great promotional item or two well in advance of the trade show. Concurrently, work with your design team or individual designer to perfect your logo and determine just how and where it can and should be displayed. Accomplishing all of these small tasks prior to the event should pay big dividends in the present and far off into the future, as well.

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