The Best Summer Items To Stay Cool

The Best Summer Items To Stay Cool

The heat of summer isn’t anywhere near over. Even though summer breaks may be ending and kids are going back to school, there are still plenty of warm days ahead.

While the temperatures are still scorching, people will be looking for fans, misters, and other items to keep them cool. Make sure you have what buyers are searching for by stocking these best summer items to cool off.

USB Personal Desk Fan

Whether sweltering at the office or getting things done at home, work is much more pleasant with a personal desk fan. Our USB Personal Desk Fan is perfect for keeping near the computer. It features a 2.5-watt motor and USB connectivity to charge from your laptop or USB wall outlet. It may even help you keep your PC or MacBook Pro cool during summer use.

This fan is made entirely of plastic to keep fingers safe. It has a non-slip bottom to stay put, and it doesn’t take any batteries.

Butterfly Flutter Fan

Help little ones beat the heat with our Butterfly Flutter Fan. This fun fan is designed in a butterfly shape and it has a push lever that makes it easy to turn on. It’s made of plastic to keep tiny fingers safe. There are no batteries required.

Folding Hand Fans Set

These traditional Folding Hands Fans are perfect for staying cool anytime, even if you’re in class, a meeting or a restaurant. Colorful plastic housings open up to reveal a beautiful flower or nature-themed screen. This fan is a great size to keep in a handbag, fanny pack or backpack.

14 oz. Spray Bottle with Battery Operated Fan

A nice breeze plus a bit of mist equals cool skin and a happy spirit. Our 14 oz. Spray Bottle with Battery Operated Fan is perfect for spritzing off on hot days. The durable plastic spray bottle is shaped uniquely to provide a compact fan above the nozzle. The fan features soft foam blades that blow the water expelled by the nozzle. A cool body is as close as a pump and spray away.

Make sure you have what will be necessities well into Fall.

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