It’s Black Friday Every Day At Kole Imports: Top Products For Christmas

The holidays are around the corner and so are the great deals. Rather than navigating the crowds on Black Friday for deals on Christmas products and gifts, get a great price every day at Kole Imports.


Leading up to December and every day of the year, we offer affordability on the top items that consumers want.


Here are just some of the seasonal and popular products you can find at Kole Imports:


Holiday Cookie Cutter Set


It’s fun to create Christmas cookies to eat while shopping or visiting with friends with our Holiday Cookie Cutter Set. This 5-piece set features durable plastic cookie cutters with green and red tops made out of anti-slip plastic for perfect pressing. The set includes 1 of each of a star, snowman, angel, a gingerbread man, and a candy cane.


Cake Decorating Kit with Nozzles


To decorate a holiday cake or holiday cookies, our Cake Decorating Kit with Nozzles is ideal. This 31-piece set makes dressing up a Christmas dessert simple and fun. It’s even good for piping out creamy toppings on savory appetizers. The kit comes with 6 tips for toppings and 24 tips for creating icing patterns. A smooth plunger pushes fillings smoothly through the cylindrical housing.


Silicone Cupcake Baking Set


Preparing Christmas cupcakes is a breeze with our 10-piece Silicone Cupcake Baking Set featuring all the essential tools for baking. The set includes 6 cupcake molds, a silicone whisk, a silicone spatula, a silicone brush, and a silicone hot pad.


Black Bluetooth Contourbuds Wireless Sport Earbuds


Electronics are always in demand on Black Friday. Get your hands on what might be the steal of the season in our Black Bluetooth Contourbuds Wireless Sport Earbuds. The active music listener will enjoy the comfort of these earbuds that offer noise-isolating technology and a built-in microphone to communicate with music apps. The shape of these earbuds is perfect thanks to contour fit construction.


Toy Ukulele


Kids can create island-style music with our fun Toy Ukulele. This ukulele is a real instrument with a wood-look body and finish as well as plastic strings and rotary turning knobs. It measures approximately 15” long by 4” wide.


Whether you’re looking for kitchen items, electronics, toys, home décor or something else, you’ll find it at a fantastic price at Kole Imports.


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