Bring Family Fun Inside This Winter Season

Bring Family Fun Inside This Winter Season

You make plans for the weekend, but the weather doesn’t always cooperate. That means that the hike, day of shopping or even long drive in the country you had scheduled will have to wait. Instead of feeling defeated, though, make sure you have a backup strategy. Why not make sure you always have activities ready to bring inside, where the weather is always perfect?

Don’t know where to start? Easy, head to and start planning your indoor fun fiestas. Here is a primer to get you started:

15.2 oz. Mason Jar & 1 Liter Carafe Beverage Set with Straws
Does anything say “summer picnic” more than a pitcher of lemonade, iced tea or your favorite adult beverage? That’s why this 5-piece Mason Jar & Carafe Beverage Set is a must-have for your family. It features a one-liter glass carafe, four vintage-style glass drinking jars with handles and screw-on lids with straw holes, and red-and-white-striped plastic straws. Get the set for the reduced price of just $6.11.

Smokeless Indoor Barbecue Grill
In keeping with the outdoor food theme, what better way to bring outside joy inside than by bringing the cookout inside too? This inventive, 12.5-inch Smokeless Indoor Barbecue Grill lets you grill or steam your favorite meats and vegetables without the mess. Just add water, beer, wine or juice to prepare delicious steamed foods. This grill is also ideal for gas and electric stoves, features a non-stick surface for easy cleanup and eliminates smoke and spattering. It has been reduced to just $4.76.

Bocce Game Set
One of the oldest-known outdoor games is becoming more and more popular in backyards and at clubs everywhere. Similar to bowling, it requires players to roll their ball and try to get as close to the pallino ball as possible, even if it means knocking your opponents’ balls aside. This sturdy plastic, nine-piece Bocce Game Set includes eight water-filled bocce balls, one pallino ball and a nifty carrying case. It is perfect for playing on grass, sand or any level surface and can accommodate anywhere from two to eight players. Get it all for just $3.31.

So isn’t it great to know you can always be ready to be cooped up inside and have fun at the same time? All you have to do is check out Kole Imports regularly to find out about what you might be missing.

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