Can’t Afford Bulk Lots? Start Small!

The best thing about shopping for wholesale products at Kole Imports is being able to buy stuff in bulk. Whether you’re stocking up on essentials for your own personal use, or buying products to resell on Ebay, Amazon, or your own site, you can save a ton of money buying bulk lots. Especially on clearance items and closeouts.

But if you’re a seller trying to get your business started, maybe you just can’t afford to buy in bulk right now. It’s the old paradox, you want to make money, but it takes a certain amount of money to begin.

Luckily you can get started with surprisingly little, utilizing resources near at hand, and some you’ve probably never even thought of. With a little bit of drive, creativity, and perseverance, that initial investment you need to start buying bulk products from Kole Imports will accumulate faster than you think, and then you can start earning some real money. Here are some ideas on finding things to sell to generate the cash that will form the foundation of your business.

  • Explore your closets. If you’re like most people, you’ve got things tucked away into drawers and closets that you forgot you ever had. You’d be amazed what some of those things are worth to collectors and buyers. Consider parting with some antiques and collectibles, or even an heirloom.
  • Ask friends and family. Just like you, they’ve got stuff stashed that they might be willing, or even glad, to part with, especially if they know you’re trying to get a business started. That pet tarantula your cousin has gotten tired of is worth more than you think.
  • Hit the thrift stores. You can find some real bargains that can bring a significant profit in your local thrift shop. Look for antiques and collectibles of course, but things like brand name clothes, purses, and jewelry will sell well too. Especially to people overseas in countries where such items are rare. A London Fog overcoat is a status symbol in South Korea, and hard to get.
  • Cruise the yard sales. People often don’t know, or care, the value of what they are selling for pennies at their yard sale. They usually just want it gone. Baby clothes and toys are everywhere, and there are willing buyers online that will just have to have that cute jumper.
  • Buy small lots. You might not be able to buy a lot of inventory right now, but choose a few products from Kole Imports you think will do well, buy what you can, and get going!


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