Create a Successful Fundraiser with Kole Imports

Everybody knows that Kole Imports is one of the best sources on the planet for quality wholesale merchandise at the lowest prices, whether to supply inventory for a small-to-medium business, pick up things for gifts and awards, or just to buy useful products to use around the home and garden.

But you might have overlooked the potential of Kole’s as a source of items to use in fundraising campaigns. Let’s face it, most fundraising efforts are pretty lacking in creativity. Cookies, candy, magazines, and Christmas ornaments are all well and good, but people are asked to buy them so often that they just don’t have much appeal anymore. Even if it’s for a good cause, people just aren’t motivated to buy these items simply because they’ve been approached with them time and again. They often don’t really want the item they’re being offered, they buy it because they feel they have an obligation to do so.

So instead of the same old’ same old, why not spice up your fundraising efforts by offering people something they want and can use? Kole Imports certainly has plenty of wholesale merchandise to choose from. With over 10,000 products in-stock at any given moment, including name-brands and officially-licensed goods, you can offer a variety of products in your fundraiser, and if you prefer you can target different categories of items like housewares, sporting goods, electronics, and jewelry, or choose items appropriate for a specific holiday or season. You’ll find that your goals are easier to reach when you’re selling things people know they can use right away. And of course with special deals and promotions going on all the time at Kole Imports, you can keep your costs as low as possible.

So for your next fundraiser, get away from the cookies and candy and offer some cool and useful products from Kole Imports. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

  • Handmade Hip Bag with Crucifix Charms – This handmade knitted bag is the perfect size to carry personal essentials like your cell phone, makeup, change and wallet, anything you just have to have on you, especially in crowded places where you don’t want to carry a large purse. The crucifix charms make it ideal for church fundraisers.
  • 3 in 1 Laser Light Money Clip – .Men love techie gadgets, and this handy money clip will be a hit. Has a super-bright LED flashlight and a laser pointer built right in, and constructed to last.
  • Mock Surveillance Camera – Here’s something different. Who hasn’t thought about setting up a fake camera to ward off potential bad guys? This realistic camera will make them think twice. Motorized action with back and forth movement and an activation light.
  • Emergency Smartphone Charger – An item everyone will want to have. Works with any type of USB cord and provides up to 120 minutes of emergency airtime.
  • Fish Car Emblems – A popular symbol of the Christian faith, this set of two emblems can be used on many other items besides cars. Another great idea for church fundraisers.


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