Emoticon Madness! Unleash the Fun with Our New Items

We have a big selection of unique Emoticon items for the whole family.  This fun craze has swept over the nation and we continue to add new varieties to our inventory.  Grab them while you can!

Relax and laugh with these Emoticon Character Stress Balls featuring squeezable plastic foam balls printed with fun faces that easily fit in your hand to quickly relieve stress. Balls measure approximately 3″ in diameter and come in 12 assorted styles.

Add fun, familiar faces to your space with these unique Emoticon Character Plush Doll Pillows featuring super soft, fluffy pillows in the designs of commonly used keyboard character expressions. Pillows are great for snuggling and using while traveling and come in 6 assorted styles.

Stay dry in unexpected weather with this fun Emoticon Rain Poncho in a Ball featuring a lightweight, durable plastic poncho in a conveniently compact container that hooks onto a keychain. Ball measures approximately 2.5″ in diameter. Poncho comes in two styles: regular smiley and sunglasses smiley.

Provide hours of fun for children and adults with this Emoticon Light-Up Yo-Yo featuring a classic yo-yo toy with the design of commonly used keyboard expressions. Yo-yo lights up with a flick of the wrist for a fun, illuminating experience. Learn tricks and amaze friends! Make a great party favor and stocking stuffer. Yo-yo comes in assorted styles.

Relieve stress and improve focus with this Emoticon Spin-O-Rama, a perfect relaxation tool for the home or office. Fun design features a three-prong plastic spinner with emoticon prints. Hold the spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly using small, continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely. With practice, spinners can be spun with one hand using the fingers to stop and start spinning. Spinner spins for an average of 90 seconds and up to about 150 seconds.

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