Fall Favorites For Your Online Store

It’s finally fall! Time to pull out those sweaters, make yourself a pumpkin spice latte and stock up your store with these fall favorites.


Fall Friends Dinner Plates Set


Fall ushers in the end-of-year parties and gatherings that so many of us look forward to. Many of your customers will probably be looking for fall-themed plates for their Oktoberfest and Thanksgiving celebrations. Sell them our Fall Friends Dinner Plates Set, which is ideal for the season. This 8-piece set features sturdy coated paper plates with a cute design complete with a scarecrow, pumpkins, leaves, and blackbirds. Plates measure 8-3/4” in diameter.


Fall Corrugated Shapes


Your buyers will love to decorate with our Fall Corrugated Shapes or use them in arts and crafts. They’re perfect for scrapbooking and for tracing to create magical placemats and tablecloths. The set of Fall Corrugated Shapes includes leaves, birds, flowers, a squirrel and more.


Orange Polka Dot Birthday Candles Set


For fall birthdays, our Orange Polka Dot Birthday Candles Set is beautiful. These festive candles add just the right splash of color to pumpkin cakes, chocolate cupcakes, and carrot cakes. They’re made of vibrant orange wax and feature a white-dot design. Each candle measures approximately 2.5” tall.


Orange Craft Pom Poms Set


Little kids will love to make mini pumpkins with our Orange Craft Pom Poms Set. All they need is this set of plush pom pom balls and some extra supplies like googly eyes, glue and stiff foam (not sold in this kit).


This is just a sample of the fall favorites we sell at Kole Imports and that you can stock in your store. Get the quickly, though, because they’re selling out.


After you’ve placed your order and secured your products, come back here to have some fun with our fall trivia. In case you didn’t know, these are some fun facts about fall:


Fun Fact #1: Americans like to use the word “fall” to refer to the season starting on September 22, but the British prefer “autumn.” Both terms have their origins in the 16th century. Before that, people simply referred to the time of year as “harvest” (after the harvest moon which occurred when the full moon’s placement was close to the autumnal equinox).

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