Family Car Window Decals For 49 Cents Wholesale

Family Car Window Decals # CA292

Family Car Window Decals # CA292

We’ve just received a big wholesale closeout lot of car window decals in a variety of styles, and we’re selling them for 49 cents each.  You know the ones I’m talking about.  These are decals of parents, big kids, medium-sized kids, babies and pets, which people put on their car windows to represent the members of their family. 

We also have a few other styles of car window decals, including soccer balls, shamrocks and flowers.  Window decals are still very popular, and these items originally sold for well over a dollar.  They would be a great bargain in a dollar store, or even priced at $1.99 in a discount store.  We’re wholesaling them for 49 cents, so you’ll make a profit no matter how you price them. 

These are closeouts, so you need to order now to make sure you get some.  When they’re sold out, they’re gone.  You can find them on by searching for “window decal.”

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