Fun Diversions To Help You Beat The Heat

It’s hot out there, and you’ve been making the most of it. Now that we’re entering the dog days of summer, though, it’s starting to wear you down. Instead of craving the sun and heat, you’re starting to dream of enjoying relaxing times inside, where it’s cool and dry.


Luckily, Kole Imports has everything you need to have fun indoors while the sun’s rays are at their hottest. Check out some of our favorites of the season.


Art for Art’s Sake

Ever wanted to take up painting and unleash your inner Picasso or Van Gogh? Well, now is the time at Kole Imports. Start off with a Watercolor Paint Artist Palette with Mixing Tray for just $0.79. It features a sturdy plastic palette designed with a cutout for easy holding, as well as 12 paint colors, an embedded mixing tray and a nylon-bristle brush. You’ll probably want something to paint on, other than your apartment walls, which is why our Small Artist Canvas with Wooden Easel Set is your next must buy. Priced at just $2.65, this small wooden easel fits nicely on tabletops and holds the accompanying 11.5-inch by 9-inch canvas.


Turn Home into a Gaming Venue

Tell the truth: When was the last time you played checkers or poker or rolled the dice? Isn’t it time you had a little mindless fun with these simple yet entertaining games? Kole Imports makes it easy. Start off with our Toy Checkers Game Set for just $0.63. Why stop there, though, when you can get some poker and craps going, too? Naturally, our Casino Style Playing Cards with Dice are perfect to get started, and at $0.68, they’re a steal. Finally, add some physical tests to your fun room with our Magnetic Dartboard Game for just $4.74.


Take It Really Easy

Are scrapbooking and sewing more your style? No worries, Kole Imports has you covered. Get started with our Fresh Verse Fall Cardstock Stickers for just $0.29, or opt for any one of dozens of others on our scrapbooking page. If sewing is your thing, get started with our Compact Sewing Kit in Case for just $0.79 and supplement that with our Portable Handheld Sewing Machine for $1.00. Need more inspiration? There are literally dozens more amazing products on our Sewing and Needlecrafts page.


Regardless of what activities float your boat, log on to, click your favorites and let the cool times roll.

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