Fun Gifts For Father’s Day 2018

There’s not much time left to stock your store for Father’s Day. Do you have the essentials for dads who work hard, like to tinker with projects and enjoy putting their best selves out into the world each day? We carry a great selection of gifts for fathers that you can offer to your customers at amazing prices.

Some of our top-selling gifts for Father’s Day include:

Tingle Head Massager

Stress starts to melt away when our Tingle Head Massager begins working its magic. This simple device provides extraordinary relaxation. It features a gentle design that sends tingling sensations from the top of the head all the way down to the toes. It’s made to offer a custom fit that bends to the shape of an individual’s scalp. You can also use the Tingle Head Massager on the knees, elbows and ankles.

Hot and Cold Treatment Foot Roller Massager

Father’s Day is the perfect time for dads to relax and take a break from the busyness of life. Our Hot and Cold Treatment Foot Roller Massager helps fathers do just that. It’s an ideal treatment for tired feet and minor discomforts. It features a sturdy plastic roller that is shaped ergonomically to provide the ultimate relaxing and comfortable massage. Simply place the massager in the refrigerator to chill it or boil it in hot water to warm it up.

Double Lens Magnifying Headset with Focus Light

Dads that like to build models, work on detailed art projects and piddle around under the hood of a car can use our Double Lens Magnifying Headset with Focus Light. This magnifying headset with light features 2 square lenses (one that flips back), a moveable magnifying lens and a bright focus light on both sides of the headset. It fits nicely with glasses so there’s no need for dad to remove them and be blind when all he wants to do is see better.

These is just a sample of the great items we have in our inventory for Father’s Day 2018. We also carry a rotating tie rack and some sporting gear that many dads love. Check out our full selection of products and order today while we still have stock and you have time to sell!

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