Fun New Toys to Keep Kids and Babies Entertained

We have an exciting new selection of toys that are sure to provide tons of fun for young children.  Some of these items are one-time deals so grab them while you can!

Play a little tune with this Mini Toy Guitar featuring a small plastic 4-string guitar in a realistic design with raised frets, tiny tuning keys and wood grain decals. Guitar measures approximately 11″ long x 4″ wide. For ages 3 and up.

Learn tricks and show off for your friends with this Spiral Light-Up Yo-Yo featuring a brightly colored transparent plastic body with a holographic spiral decal and a strong twisted cotton cord. Yo-yo lights up when it’s in use. Yo-yo measures approximately 1.25″ tall x 2.25″ in diameter. Comes in assorted colors: orange, blue and green.

Perfect for playing and building with sand, this 12-piece Beach Play Set features a huge variety of plastic tools and toys in bright colors. Set includes: 4-piece standing sifter that can be taken apart to use the funnel, seahorse molds and sifter separately, a small bucket with a folding handle, 5 sea animal shaped molds, a shovel, scooper, rake, sifter and a movable dump truck. Comes in assorted colors: orange, green and yellow. For ages 3 and up.

Great for backyard fun, this 4-piece Kids Racket Set includes everything you need to start playing: 2 colorful plastic rackets, 1 white plastic birdie and 1 hollow yellow plastic ball. Comes in assorted colors: orange, yellow and green. Rackets measure approximately 13.5″ long x 6″ wide.

Get ready for hours of action-packed fun with this 3-piece Spinning Discs Toy Set features colorful plastic discs and a spin top with a push button. Attach the top to the disc, spin, release and watch it fly! Discs measure approximately 3.625″ in diameter. For ages 3 and up.

Great for babies and older children, this Rumple Buddies Bunny Rumples features a textured and embroidered soft plush bunny that is proven to stimulate and encourage brain activity with its high contrast colors, texture and crinkle stuffing. Rumple Buddies are doctor recommended! They stimulate 3 senses: hearing – calming crinkle, touch – textured fabric and visual – high contrast colors (red, white & black). Research has proven that high contrast colors register powerfully on a baby’s retina and send strong signal to baby’s brain. Stronger signals mean more brain growth. Special crinkle stuffing captures baby’s attention.  Bunny is machine washable and folds easily for travel. Includes a small storybook. Bunny measures approximately 12″ long x 7.5″ wide.

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