Get Ready For Labor Day With Kole Imports!

Well, the summer is heading into its last turn, and for most people it’s been a pretty good one. Hopefully everyone has had a great year so far. If there’s one thing Americans have no lack of, it’s holiday reasons to party, if anyone ever really needed a reason. The last big holiday of the summer is right around the corner, Labor Day, the big bash and blowout to bid farewell to the warm months on what is traditionally considered to be the end of the season. This year labor day falls on Monday, September 5th, 2016.

Now is the time to let Kole Imports help you get prepared for your parties, cookouts, camping, fishing, or however you intend to do to celebrate the holiday. You’ve already looked to Kole’s to help you out with all the other activities of the season, so you know how indispensable their inventory of low-priced wholesale products can be. You might even have a few things still stocked up, but there are almost certainly some things you’ve run out of or forgotten. Also, don’t forget to check out Kole Imports Deal of the Week and Category of the Month for even more savings on the usual great prices, and sign up for the free newsletter for special promo codes. The Category of the month for August is Auto Supplies, so get your vehicle looking and running great for the big weekend. Here are a few suggestions for your Labor Day fun.

Portable Barbecue Grill – If you’re planning to cook out over the Labor Day weekend, and who isn’t, you might need some extra grilling space if you’re planning a large event. Or you might be taking the show on the road to the campgrounds, picnic spot, or lakeside. Whatever your needs, this nifty little grill is entirely self-contained to easily stash in the trunk. Made of sturdy heavy-duty steel, it even comes in its own poly storage bag. Use it year after year.

Barbecue Fish Grill Basket – If you are heading out to the lake or seashore to wet a line over the holiday, try something a little different to cook your catch. This all-metal grill basket can be used over the open campfire, or on the grill to keep filets in one piece. Can be used for whole fish too. Grates lock at the top for easy flipping, and it has a comfortable natural wood handle.

Solar Powered LED Party Lantern – Light up your get together with these festive party lanterns. Made in the classic Japanese style, these round cloth-covered lanterns have rechargeable batteries installed so you can hang them anywhere, no power cord necessary. The powerful LED lights are bright, yet use very little power, so they’ll work for hours.

Rustic Flag Patriotic Party Plates – Show your colors at your picnic with these American-themed plates. Made of thick cardboard stock, they’ll survive several trips to the grill, and no cleanup afterward. Each plate is 6 ⅞” in diameter.

Battery Operated Bug Zapper Tennis Racket – Don’t let the bugs ruin your last chance at summer fun. These cool zappers are not only effective on any type of insect, they’re kinda fun to use too. Give one to all your guests.


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