Get Ready for Summer with Kole Imports

By now you’ve probably finished up your spring cleaning and you’re taking a survey of all the stuff you’ll need to enjoy the summer. Do you have everything you need? Better believe you don’t! Now’s the time to start stocking up for summer work and fun, and Kole Imports is the perfect place to get started, with tons of wholesale merchandise and special deals to prepare you for anything summer can throw your way.

Don’t forget that Kole Imports always has a merchandise Category of the Month and a Deal of the Week to help you save even more off of the already rock-bottom wholesale prices, so get out a pad and pencil and start making a list. Here are a few summer merchandise suggestions to get you going.

  • Barbecue Grill Brush – One of the fundamental secrets to great grilling is to always have a clean grill, and for that you need a brush and a scraper. This gives you both in one handy tool, and since they get grody real quick, at these prices, you can afford to have a new one each time you cook out.
  • Wicker Tiki Torch – And what would cookouts and outdoor parties be without the traditional Tiki torches? Attractive and practical, these will light your parties well into the night, and with citronella oil, will keep the bugs away too.
  • 3 Layer PVC Garden Hose – Toss out last year’s stiff, dirty, tangled hoses and treat yourself to a new one. These 3 layer heavy-duty PVC hoses are resistant to crushing and punctures, lightweight, and easy to coil and store. 25’ long with standard brass fittings.
  • Multi-Setting Garden Spray Nozzle – A new hose needs a new nozzle, and this one gives you the versatility of four different settings, from a gentle shower for delicate flowers and vegetables, to a powerful spray for washing the car and spraying the kids. Constructed of sturdy plastic for hard use.
  • Fishing Tackle Box – If you’re like most anglers, you’ve spent the winter months buying new lures and baits, and now you need more storage. Get your tackle organized with this roomy and nearly indestructible tackle box, and buy some extras for the fall fishing gear sales.
  • Adjustable Waist Trimmer Belt – It’s not too late to get in shape for lightweight summer clothes, and this Waist Trimmer Belt can help you reach your goal fast. Facilitates water loss and helps to tone and flatten abdominal muscles, as well as focusing soothing heat on the lower back. For men or women, it can be adjusted to fit almost any body shape.
  • Metallic Auto Sun Shade – Protect your car’s vulnerable interior from the brutal rays of the sun every time you park with this easily stored, easily deployed metallic sun shade. Straps securely in place, and the silver foil front keeps the interior cool while you’re away.
  • Glove Car Mop – Time to get ready for car washing season, and this year, forget the sponges and do the job right with these glove-style car mops. The yarn-like washing surface gets down in the crevices and scours dirt away like a sponge or rag could never do. Fits over the hand for a secure and natural washing action.


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