Get Ready For The New Year By Restocking Your Store

We hope your Christmas season sales are strong, and we know you’ve been busy with Christmas shoppers, but don’t forget to restock your store so you’ll have merchandise to sell in 2012 after the holiday season is over.

Now is a good time to look at your inventory and decide what to restock, what to discontinue, and what new types of merchandise you’d like to start selling.  Be prepared for upcoming seasons and holidays by having the right merchandise.  As you replace the Christmas items in your store with regular merchandise, do an assessment and decide what categories of merchandise you need on your shelves.

Look around your store and consider your supply of everyday staple items, which customers will need all year round.  Make sure you have basic housewares and tools, school supplies, and toys.  Go slowly and really consider every product category as you go through the different departments of your store.  Do you have potato peelers in your housewares category?  Are there sink stoppers in your bath items department?  If you really look at your store, you’ll find opportunities everywhere.  Try to add the items your customers would buy, but may or may not be deliberately looking for. 

How can Kole Imports help?  Take a look at our website and see what’s new regularly to see what’s new.  We’re always buying new wholesale closeouts, including regular staple items as well as unique gadgets and novelty items.  We also have a huge supply of great everyday staple items in stock and ready to ship.

Ring in the new year by being prepared for it.  Plan for the upcoming year by ordering now to restock your store for 2012.

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