Get Ready for Spring with Our Lawn & Garden Items

We have a great selection of lawn and garden items to make your yard beautiful.  Some of these items are one-time deals, so grab them while you can!

Great for trimming hedges, bushes and trees, these Large Garden Shears feature long metal handles, durable, angled steel blades and comfortable foam hand grips.

Easily clear debris, aerate soil and create planting rows with this Metal Garden Rake featuring a durable, strong metal tool with a 5-prong rake head, an extendable handle and a comfortable, anti-slip grip.

Quickly create attractive borders in your garden with this 12-piece Interlocking Scalloped Garden Edging Set featuring durable green plastic sections that fit together for a simple, decorative accent to enclose vegetation. Bottom edges are zigzagged with tabs to secure into the ground.

Bring bright colors and movement to gardens and patios with this fun Garden Wind Sock featuring a fabric wind sock with a butterfly, ladybug or frog patch and colorful tails. Sunlight shines through the sock and it flies like a kite when wind blows. Easily attaches with nylon string and plastic O-ring at the top.

Add a charming, decorative glow to your driveway, patio or flowerbeds with this Crystal Effect Solar Power Garden Light featuring a transparent LED light with a faceted clear cover and brushed silver metal shell. Lights turn on automatically at dusk and have stakes that can be easily inserted into the ground. No batteries or wiring needed – installs in seconds. Light includes a solar panel and rechargeable battery.

Illuminate outdoor festivities and create a fun luau atmosphere with this oil-burning Natural Bamboo Wicker Tiki Torch. Island style design features a bamboo pole with a woven torch top that houses a metal oil canister with a wick. Pole has an angle cut bottom for easy placement in the ground. Does not include oil. Torches come in green and natural colors.

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