Get Trick-or-Treat Ready With these Halloween Items

It’s almost Halloween and folks are already stocking up for trick-or-treating. Candy dishes and decorations are selling out quickly as are little trinkets to stuff into children’s pumpkins.


Get your store Halloween ready quickly and cash in on the seasonal sales. Kole Imports has you covered with Pumpkin and Skull candy dishes, Halloween confetti, spooky stickers and more.


Halloween Party Brain Mazes


Our Halloween Party Brain Mazes are great for tossing into trick-or-treat bags and jack-o-lanterns. The 2-piece maze set features little plastic pinball mazes in the shapes of skeleton heads. The background print on the mazes has fun Halloween graphics and it displays sample point scores.


Halloween Confetti


Those who are welcoming trick-or-treaters to their home for treats and candy can decorate their porches or lawns with our Halloween Confetti. These little sprinkle decorations bring instant holiday fun. They’re bright circles with cute bats printed on them, ideal for kids who want to see houses get into the Halloween spirit.


Halloween Pumpkin Candy Dish


Our Halloween Pumpkin Candy Dish is great for handing out candy and little toys. It’s shaped like a pumpkin and made of orange plastic with raised detailing. This cute bowl measures roughly 8.75”x1.25” and it comes loose.


Halloween Cardstock Stickers


Perfect for passing out to trick-or-treaters, our Halloween Cardstock stickers are 34-piece sticker sets featuring various decorative sayings and designs. Some say “Trick or Treat” and others spell “Tomb It May Concern” or “Mind Your Mummy.”


Halloween Themed Wrap Kit


Your customers can wrap candy and toys with our Halloween Themed Wrap Kit, which includes 2 sheets of tissue (one solid purple and the other white with orange, black, green and purple dots of varying sizes). The kit comes with a cardstock gift tag featuring a skeleton wearing a candy corn hat and an orange twist tie. This card is cute to label candy that will be passed out.


Halloween Decorate Your Own Foam Door Hanger


Houses with our custom Halloween Foam Door Hangers will surely get the approval of trick-or-treaters and partygoers. The cutout foam door hanger features stickers to decorate and personalize it. The product comes with 1 foam door hanger and several stickers (assorted styles).


These Halloween items are selling out quickly. Grab your stock before we run out!

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