Graduation Gift Ideas from Kole Imports

Spring is a time for many things, for fresh starts and new beginnings, for young lovers to court, poets to wax lyrical, bears to come out of hibernation, and for young people to walk across a stage dressed in a funny-looking hat and gown, in front of an adoring audience, and receive a certificate that attests that they have officially joined the ranks of the educated. Yes, it’s almost graduation time, and millions of young students are eagerly looking forward to either getting their first job or going off to college. But one thing they’re all looking forward to is all the cool graduation gifts they’re going to rake in. And if you’ve got a lot of graduating students on your list, things can get expensive real quick.

Never fear, Kole Imports is here to help! We’ve got tons of wholesale merchandise that will put a smile on the face of any young scholar, and save you a lot of dough while you’re doing it!

Remember, Kole Imports always has a Category of the Month, which lets you save even more on specially selected categories of merchandise. For instance, the Category of the Month for April is Sporting Goods, and you’ll save an extra 10% off the already low price on any item, and by the way, sporting goods aren’t a bad graduation gift idea.

Kole’s also has a Deal of the Week, with savings on a spotlighted product, so you can save money no matter what day it is. And don’t forget to sign up for our free newsletter so you can receive advance notice of special deals and promo codes right to your email.

So to get you started, here are a few Kole Imports wholesale merchandise items that would make great graduation gifts.

  • Jumbo Craft Confetti Pack – Ok, this isn’t a gift, but you’re sure to be going to a lot of graduation parties, and this will help with the decor. Or if you don’t go to any parties, you can just dump it over their head when they come off the stage. Loads of fun.
  • Orange Cell Phone Strap – Is there a kid on the face of the planet that doesn’t have a cell phone? Yeah, but how many have an orange strap? This will be a practical gift that they’re sure to use when they’re not gripping their phone with both hands.
  • Stereo Headphone Set – Youngsters go through these things like rabbits through cabbage. Sure to be used and appreciated.
  • Soccer Banner Craft Kit – The young grads will probably have a lot of time on their hands this summer, so give them something to do. And they can support their team too!
  • Domino Set in Wooden Box – Get them away from the video screen and let them discover just how much fun old-fashioned games can be. Durable dominos in a sturdy box, they’ll be giving this set to their own kids.
  • Straw Beach Mat with Sandals in Carrying Bag Set – One for the girls. They’ll likely be spending some time on the beach this summer, and this set will have them styling and profiling. Chic Hawaiian print bag with comfy sandals and a durable straw mat.
  • Compass Key Chain – It a safe bet that lots of grads will be getting cars as graduation gifts, so give them a keychain that will deprive them the excuse of getting lost, or losing their keys, when they come home late. An accurate precision compass with a steel case and a secure key ring.


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