Great Green Gifts For St. Patrick’s Day

As we all know, St. Patrick’s Day is the time to break out the green in every aspect of your life, from household items and clothing to food and gifts. However, not everyone has a supply of green touches on hand to add to any one of those parts of their lives. Luckily, Kole Imports is here to help, with enough verdant offerings to make your friends and family green with envy when they see just how prepared you are for this holiday.

Read on for some can’t-miss party pieces to make your St. Patty’s Day celebration, and your guests, sing.

Leprechaun Costume Accessories Kit
Sometimes dressing up can be as simple as adding some accessories to drive home the point, and this kit is perfect for that approach. After all, we can’t all dress and look like a leprechaun. Instead, this kit, which includes one collar, one hat headband, two arm bands and a belt, is all you need and is priced at just $0.90.

Set a Green Example
Sometimes all it takes is a festive, well-set table to get everyone in the mood, costumes or not. Accordingly, start your celebration with a handy Shamrock Round Dinner Party Plates Set. This set of eight 8 ¾-inch paper plates with “St. Patrick’s Day” written in green against a white backdrop and surrounded by a green border will get everyone in the mood, most notably you, especially considering they are just $0.49. Then, adorn these plates with our Go Green Irish Cocktail Napkins Set, now reduced to $0.20, Happy St. Patrick’s Day Beverage Napkins set, priced at $0.39, or St. Patrick’s Day Lunch Napkins for $0.49. All napkin sets come in groups of 18.

Protection Is Key
Let’s face it, fun beverages are an intrinsic part of the St. Patrick’s Day experience, whether you’re an adult or child. Consequently, if the party is at your place you can protect your valuable furniture from the unfortunate spills that invariably occur by topping your favorite pieces with Green Glitz Glitter Coasters. This set of eight, 4-inch-in-diameter coasters are topped with dazzling green glitter to protect and serve and add panache to your party.

So check out our offerings at, where just a little bit of green can turn your party into a St. Patrick’s Day celebration to remember.

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