Great Ideas For Throwing A Beach Picnic This Summer

Great Ideas For Throwing A Beach Picnic This Summer

Summer is on its way, and while there are so many great places to throw a picnic, is there any place better than the beach? In fact, if your store is anywhere close to the sea and sand, it follows that many of your customers will be hungrily shopping for anything and everything they can take to the beach to make it easier for them to stay there all day.

So load your store up and get everything your customers might need to take the party to the beach by visiting Kole Imports and taking advantage of the killer deals. Here are some of our favorite ideas for throwing a beach picnic as we head into summer 2017. Feel free to share them with your customers!

Barbecue, Baby!
If barbecue is your thing, then get your groove on and slow-roast some ribs in your favorite barbecue sauce. Then, wrap them tightly and store them in plastic containers along with some extra sauce and condiments. Then, boil some ears of corn and wrap them in aluminum foil. Pack them all warm to go and dig in on the beach. Sure, it’s all a mess, but what better place to clean up then to splash around in the salt water just a stone’s throw away?

Wrap It Up
Make it fun and do all the work ahead of time by sautéing your favorite meats and vegetables and wrapping them up in tortillas before you leave. Then roll them in aluminum foil while still hot and put them in a temperature-controlled container so they are still warm when you get to the beach. Serve them alongside your favorite condiments and add some refreshing Mexican soft drinks and beers to your cooler. Ole!

Do an All-American Spread
Does anything say “picnic” more than an All-American cookout? Take your favorite hot dogs, pre-form some hamburger patties and store them in a plastic container and wrap hot dog and hamburger buns—both meat and veggie versions–in aluminum foil. Then, pre-make or purchase some cold salads such as potato salad, coleslaw or mixed greens and put them in a cooler. Take a portable barbecue grill, some charcoal, lighter fluid and plastic plates and utensils and you’ve got a summer cookout worthy of the sea and sand.

There are endless variations you can create, but the main thing is to make it fun and casual and get the whole family involved. For store owners, don’t forget about Kole Imports when offering your customers fun ways to spend a day at the beach.

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